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Navarre Beach has many exciting events coming up in October! With 12 miles of beach nestled between the Gulf Island National Seashore and Navarre Beach County Park you can find solitude and relaxation any day or if you up for some fun, there are many upcoming events. Check out just a couple of the many things to do by going to our event pages on Facebook! Grayson Group Facebook

Sea Turtle Extravaganza

Guided Kayak Tour


Navarre Beach cares about it's marine life.  Do your part while visiting the beach!  Pick up your trash, care for our beaches so that our children can enjoy then long into the future.  Want to get involved here are some ways that you can help!


Adopt a reef

You have an  opportunity to adopt a tree or a single branch at the reef sites. Once planted, your tree/branch will quickly be bursting with life as marine organisms of all types take to living in and around it.

Benefits to you:

Your name and/or message on designated beach signs will become a lasting memorial.
Signs and maps will give you the ability to locate the tree or branch you are responsible for planting.
A part of making a safe, sustainable, and environmental friendly recreation resource available to hundreds of thousands of individuals
Donation is a tax deductible donation to The Navarre Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation (a Not for Profit 501 (c) (3) corporation)\\

Benefits of the community:
Reefs provide a positive economic impact by creating 3 great scuba and snorkeling sites
Reefs provide new education program opportunities for the Navarre Beach Marine Science Station
Reefs provide new opportunities for grant fund studies
Reefs provide homes for a diversity of marine life, including oysters, which can each filter between 10 and 50 gallons of water a day.

The above information came from the Adopt a reef website PLEASE go and support your local community and favorite vacation spot! Click Here To Adopt A Reef