New Year means New opportunities

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Real Estate

When the new year begins to approach people often begin  to ponder about what resolutions/ goals they want to bring with them. The typical resolutions are weight loss, better eating habits, dropping bad habits such as smoking or drinking, even buying and or selling a home. Mortgages averaged to be about 3.8% the fourth lowest annual level since 1971!  Here are some tips and tricks for home buying and selling in 2022.


1.  Save for a down payment: Depending on the loan you want to qualify for, you’ll want to save at least 3 to 20% for your down payment, and will probably have to cover another 1 to 3% for closing costs. A new trending way to save money in 2021 was whenever you broke a $20 or more you take the $5 and or $10 bills and put it up, leaving you with a decent amount at the end of the year. 

2. Pick a Real Estate agent: This is where my team and I come in, I have personally been in the real estate industry for 22 years serving the panhandle and helping make dream vacations become permanent staycations. We want to help you and your family smoothly transition in what can seem overwhelming, and make it as pleasant an experience as possible. We work for and with you to ensure your dream home can become a reality. 


1. A clean home is a happy home: Use the new year as an excuse to really give your home a deep clean and get rid of unnecessary items. When your home looks clean, it gives a positive impression that you take care of your property. Along with eliminating your home’s dirt and grime, take a moment to go through your belongings and get rid of things you don’t need anymore. Try starting with one room and sift through it thoroughly. Beginning the cleaning process now will not only make your house less cluttered, but will also reduce the amount of packing to be done once your home is sold.

2. Market analysis: Figuring out how much your house is worth and how much you could potentially make from a sale can be a bit confusing. Work with your agent to perform a competitive market analysis to get an estimate of your home’s value. Once you have an idea of its value, you and your agent can discuss an ideal selling price.  Finding that sweet spot for your asking price will help optimize future profits and attract buyers.


Don’t feel like you need to fulfill all these resolutions at once. Start with one and make it your goal to work your way through them. If you have any questions about the process for either buying or selling please feel free to call and we will help you start the exciting process of real estate!